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What do the red dots mean?

Rural America lacks structured art. By painting 53" RED DOTS on barns and buildings we have tried to rectify this problem. We have brought a new art form to the Midwest and every corner of the United States. Conversations about art are now common place in the area where our RED DOTS appear.

Using an old 53" carriage wheel rim we scribe a circle. We choose the location on the buildings very carefully. They must be visually accessible. Balance and form are very important. We apply a true red gloss acrylic paint to create our image.

"Whats' it all mean"? is a common question,. This is the main point of our work. WE WANT PEOPLE TO TALK ABOUT ART. Their conversations have shifted form the weather and livestock to abstract meanings of art without realizing it.

From the eastern Indian red dot to a bull's-eye were their concepts. They questioned what art is and its meaning to them, They wonder if it's a rising sun or a commercial logo. We want them to wonder.

Rick Carpenter was raised on the rolling plains of Kansas and was influenced by the stark horizontal lines of the prairie cut by the towering grain elevators or a single lone tree. He utilizes found materials in developing his sculpture of simplistic shapes with not so simplistic meanings. His symbolism and subtle meanings are an introspective aspect of him and his work.

Robert Ramos is a native of Puerto Rico. He started with "doodles" as a child then later incorporated graphics and drafting to develop his own artistic style. Educated in New York and Los Angles has given him an unique experience that is reflected in hid work. He is inspired by his photographs and uses the visual information as a basis for his art.

Together we have succeeded in having people talk about art and it's exposure in their community. A simple image and a simple idea have made all of us stop and think about art.

Rick Carpenter and Robert Ramos

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