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Robert Ramos

Combining the black and white of New York City and the brilliant colors of California, with the lushness of the Philippines and the adventure of Texas, Ramos has developed an art that is singularly his. Born in Puerto Rico, the oldest of four, Ramos has lived in and experienced all these places.

As a child He remembers his uncle Victor's Los Angeles studio, and blissful afternoons of drawing, while his uncle painted portraits. Here, the possibilities of art were revealed, and the ground work for spontaneity, open mindedness and even boundlessness were laid.

Robert began to study art in earnest. In later years, it would be Ramos's recognition as a peer, by a long ago college professor, that would encourage him to take up art as a full time profession.

Armed with color, and spirituality, Robert Ramos found his way to Texas and continued his journey toward art. It wasn't until he paired up with Mark Mynatt a fellow artist and mentor, that he would attain the discipline and character necessary to plunge in and actually "be" an artist.

Throughout Ramos' artistic development you can watch his whimsical doodles jump through splashes of wild color, across canvases and around objects. You can feel the free spirited looseness of swirling cartoonish shapes as they bump and collide. Yet, out of all that chaos you can sense purpose and discipline coming together.

Ramos captures the importance of process in his art. Combining and recombining hundreds of sketches to get the final work, he distills simplicity from the materials and technique. You can feel the connection between heart, soul and creation.

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