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Rick Carpenter

In his studio in California, Rick Carpenter creates sculpture which reflects both the natural beauty of his surroundings and the looming city skyline only blocks away. His forms at times repeat the compulsive nature of a field of wild flowers. The architecture nearby inspires his more linear shapes.

In order to create his unique sculpture, Carpenter visualizes the finished piece in the raw materials before him. "I can see the piece in my mind and let the metal dictate it's final form. My sketches are used to develop the work but rarely to create the initial design."

Carpenter was raised on the rolling plains of North Central Kansas. He was strongly influenced by the stark horizontal lines cut by the towering grain elevators or of a tree standing alone on the prairie. After moving to Texas, Carpenter received the Flaxman scholarship for Art and a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston.

Utilizing the techniques learned through his education, he developed works that are rough and powerful. "My sculpture carries a dark, deep texture with a sensual simplicity of shape."

The most dominant aspect of Carpenter's work is it's simplicity of form. By using mainly steel he creates objects of volume yet retains a sense of openness in his sculpture. This void and the play of shadow and light on the openness of his forms creates a sensual feeling when viewed from varied angles.

While abstract, his forms are easily understood. The symbolism and subtle meaning become deeper after time. "The shape of my work must be appealing from any angle. Therefore I rotate the sculpture while under fabrication to assure my standards are met."

Carpenter , a new and upcoming artist, has exhibited in many invitational and juried shows. His 'One Man Shows" has impressed both the public and the critics. He has lectured extensively to organizations and University classes. Carpenter's work is held by both private and corporate collectors.

The "RED DOT" series was introduced to the public in 1997. Along with fellow artist, Robert Ramos, the "RED DOT BOYS" have single-handedly brought Public art to rural America. Their 53" gloss red circle has adorned many buildings in both rural and urban America.

Carpenter's art carries a thoughtful and sometimes introspective aspect. Though he strives to communicate his ideas through his art, there are aspects which are only apparent to himself. As with most Artists, personality and art are at times inseparable.

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